About This Website

This website is what is known as a "web-based proxy" or "web proxy". That is a proxy site that uses a server side script like PHP or CGI (Perl). Libertybell.biz allows anyone to surf the internet anonymously and securly with 256-bit Secure Socket Layer.(https://)
This site does not require any software to be installed other then the browser your using now. To use this site you merly use the form on the front page and enter a web address into in and hit browse. Doing this you direct all traffic to our server, if using https your browsing session will be fully encrypted and secure against any network monitoring to and from our server. Our server will connect to the site you want and leave our IP address in there logs keeping you also anonymous.

How many people use Libertybell.biz?

Several thousand people use Libertybell.biz for various reasons everyday, a majority are from their home computers. Despite the efforts of web censoring many also come from countries where they censor their internet, or from schools and workplaces in the western world so that they can use social networking sites like Facebook.com.

Where will I appear from?

When you view a site from this service you will coming from the City of: Chicago or Woodstalk, Illinois, United States. But as our service becomes more popular we will add more servers in other locations! In the future we were thinking of adding one from Canada, and Europe.:-)

A Proxy site is a usefull Tool!

There are many puposes that this site can perform for you.
1. Disguises your IP address when visiting a website. Leaving you untracable. For example we detected your IP to be ( and with that information it is possible to find out where you live and in some cases very accuratly, there are online tools available to pinpoint your location right to your Street block by your IP address.
2. Becuase of this you may wish to post on a blog,forum or some other comment form in a website anonymously. These websites record your IP address with your comment. In some cases, even with Politically sensitive and taboo topics you wish to be anonymous. If you do not use a proxy your IP can remain with that comment indeffinatly and be traced back to you. But for us we delete all logs after set number of days. (You can read our privacy policy)
3.Beat Internet Filtering, - Becuase sometimes work can be boring and even school. You may want to even on your breaks just relax and view some other innocent site, maby check your Facebook messages and find that they are blocked.
4. Check for a networking issue. You may try to access a site and find it does not connect. You can use a proxy Site to see if it can connect. This is could help you idenitify if there is a internet outage or problem somewhere on your network or with your ISP.
5. Prevent your traffic from being monitored by any party. Since viewing libertybell.biz on SSL makes all your traffic encrypted with 256-bit Secure Socket layer to our server. No one will beable to see what your viewing to or from our server. Not even your ISP!

What if libertybell.biz is blocked?

Libertybell.biz is also available by many Mirrors. Here. Maby you could try them. You could also Subscribe to our Newsletter (Formally known as Proxlab.com).

Mature Decisions

Considering proxy sites can bypass restrictions that someone thought to be important to put into place. Using this site or others like it to Bypass their restriction may have conquences if your caught. So it your responsibility to determine the risks versus the rewards.There is a right time and wrong time to use a proxy site. If your at the public library there will be most likely no consequences if you were caught, as they cannot really do anything to you in a public library. But in school you could lose your computer privileges or be suspended. If your in a country thats run by a non-democrated government and they censor their internet you could be imposed with civil penalties according to any laws in affect in your country with regards to bypassing their censorship. So use your own judgment and use the site when its safe to do so. You are solely responsible for any damages and or consequences by using this proxy service as stated in our terms of service agreement.

How do I get rid of those "This page contains insecure content" warnings in Internet Explorer?

You don't. Internet Explorer cannot have that message disabled. Please Try FireFox or the Opera Browsers instead. They work alot better and won't piss you off.


You may contact the owner of libertybell.biz at keldorn + programmerdot.com

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