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Hello! Welcome to Help

Welcome to, to use this site and view a website enter a url (i.e into the input box and press browse. This will allow you to view a website anonymously or bypass internet censorship

What are the options with checkboxes?

Warning this may be very boring to read and might not make any sense to you at all. The default options checked are Recommended. These options are your viewing preferences. Here is a rundown of all 5 options

Encode url

Encode Url encodes the Target site url with so that it is not visible in plain text. (Although it can be easily decoded if you know what Base64 is). You may want to use it so you can over a link and see what the actual url of it is before clicking on. Recommended to be checked!

Encode Page

This should not be used if you dont need it as it can break functionality in the target website you view.To be brief Encode page scrambles up the html and hides it from being "sniffed" by content filters.

Use Encode Page if #1 you using on http:// (NOT ssl , since ssl encrypts the page with "military encryption") and #2 Your computer terminal your at is hooked into Live content filter that scans all html documents that come threw the network before delivering them to your browser. So for instance if you try to view and before the page gets to your browser its scanned for words like "videos", "youtube", "upload","video sharing" etc with this it programmitcally deterimes your on a video sharing website, video sharing sites are not allowed, so it blocks the page from being viewed.

Allow Cookies

Cookies are like a token in a browser and can be used to track your browsing habits. This is a pretty dumb option but we have left it usuable for your preference, since your already anonymous while viewing a site, its unlikely any site could track your browsing habits since everyone using this site will coming from the IP addresses of this server. It would be impossible to tell who's cookie is who's. This option is best left to be Checked since you cannot log into any websites without it. You can also Manage and view your cookies!

Remove Javascripts

Javascripts are often used to enhance a website beyond what static html can do, like perform fancy effects in the website (Such as the Header above with our logo that moves around) or load updated content dynamically into the page via JSON and ajax requests. Most popular internet destinations like,, & all use javascripts so this is best left Unchecked. But removing Javascripts can increase page loads times and some sites may break down gracefully and work better without them.

Remove Flash/Objects

This will attempt to remove Abode Flash and Java Objects (NOT Javascript, we mean Java the program from JavaSun) from any pages you view. Since Flash will not work anyways with a web proxy site such as this since they are excuatable binary files (.swf & .jar) and cannot be parsed by the proxy script. They tend to just end up loading a bunch of crap not threw the proxy and will compromise your anonymity. This is why video sites will not work threw a proxy script, unless their is some support plugin/hack made for that particular website. does have partial support for quite a few video websites though such as Youtube, Dailymotion and metacafe

Omg Runescape or whatever doesn't work!

See above about Remove Flash/objects. Runescape uses JavaSun (.jar) files to load the game and will not work threw a proxy site

The video website doesn't work!

Again see above about Flash/objects. Video websites load there videos threw .swf files (Flash players) and they will not work threw a proxy site. However if you contact us we could program a support plugin for the particular site you want this proxy to work with. (If its a popular site like Youtube, Support for unpopular and generally unknown video sites will not be added as these plugins often require maintance and updating to make sure their working so it has to be worthwhile)

Something on Myspace etc etc doesn't work.

Do to the limations of a proxy script since it has to parse all the html elements and attempt to rewrite the document to make all the hyper links on the page, Javascript and CSS point threw the proxy script there are bound to be a few broken parts of the site you view threw a proxy script. View an example Piece of Code of how this works! Javascript/ajax parsing is about 80% comptablitle (About 20% chance of document errors). Html and CSS parsing 99% compatable, Adobe Flash 0% compatable (except for Plugins where we make the site work).

Hotlinking is not allowed.

Why do I get an error that says Hotlinking not allowed? ... Linking directly to websites threw this site is not permitted as it can be abused by other people for shady purposes. When you visit this site, you are given a authicated session once you close your browser this session is lost and you must visit the homepage of the proxy site again to reinstanlize your session.