What is a filter?

In short a filter is something stops you from viewing a certain website

An internet filter is software that is configured usually with a database list of URLs that are categorized. (For example When you visit a website such a Myspace it will be blocked as a "social networking/community forums/" type of website.) Sometimes instead they will use program that scans the content "live" as it comes threw the network or use a both live scanning and url database. These act as gateways or as a proxy (A real one), that intercepts the traffic before it reaches your computer. The entity or person running the network is the authority who decides which categories are to be blocked or not, but probably more so then not the person who bought the software uses the standard installation and does not customize the blocked categories and "over blocks" when their were just meaning to block porn, I've found that many of these software applainces do just that. There are numbers of such vendors will sell filter software. None of which I will mention here.

How they categorize websites?

With being running Proxy sites for some time now, I've researched and discovered most use categorization based on Bayesian examination of the site, Certain words have particular probabilities of occurring in websites. For instance, video sharing sites frequently have the word "Video".

Why do they use filters?

Filter vendors are simply filling a demand and promising "increased productivity" in the workplace and School places. As many people spend time using the internet for non-productive use, as such employers look for ways to increase productivity so they go to a filter vendor which is all to ready to sell them censorship software. For the same purpose, people are filing demand to circumvent their software.

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Apply for a Brand New Credit Card via Application.Capitalone.com

The process of choosing a credit card and applying for it can be pretty stressful. Some banks offer their customers to do rather complicated procedures, and no one would be happy about that.

Fortunately, some banks continuously try to make such processes easier. Capital One is one of these banks since they have recently launched a promotional campaign Get My Offer. According to the rules of this program, one of the things one needs to do is to use application.capitalone.com with reservation number and access code. What else?

As we mentioned, in order to apply for a credit card issued by Capital One bank, one would need the reservation number and access code. These numbers can be found on the offer letter you should have received from Capital One. This letter is basically an invitation to apply for their credit card since you have been pre-approved for it.

The reservation number and access code can be found at the bottom portion of the offer letter, and they must appear together. You will need these numbers when you visit the application page because you will be required to enter them in the respective fields. After that, you will need to enter some personal information, and then you can submit your application. When the application is submitted, you will wait for an answer (it should come in a minute).

If you have not received an offer letter from Capital One bank, then you can try to apply for a credit card without it. You need to visit the application page and choose the option suitable for you. Then you will be asked to enter some personal information so the system could check if you can be pre-approved.

If all goes successfully, you will be granted with the reservation number and access code so you could apply for Capital One credit card with them.