Small Group Shared Activities for SMEs

Team building is an important aspect of helping a company to bring employees together. While conglomerates have the challenge of large departments staffed with people many of whom have never met each other coordinating over email and the phone, the challenges for SMEs are different.

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With the SMEs, there isn’t usually the larger staff pool. In some ways, this is better because people can get to know each other but on the other hand, employees need to work together far better than with large companies as there’s often multi-skilled positions, possible shift work, and small teams working under intense pressure.

Here are a few shared team building activities that could help small groups of employees learn to trust each other more and embrace teamwork.


There are many different organizations that are only too happy to accept volunteers on a short-term basis to help out with special projects. Whether it’s to help at a homeless shelter, providing shopping and personal care assistance to the elderly, or being someone to talk to at a hospital where organizers provide a kind ear for patients who are alone and sick, there are plenty of ways that a small team can be of service.

Volunteering is something that many businesses allow their staff paid time off to bring happiness to others in their time of need. It brings a real feel-good factor when brightening up the lives of other people. Many companies go on to make volunteering a permanent way that their staff can truly give back to their local communities.

Hunting in Greenland

The idea of musk ox hunting isn’t something that immediately springs to mind, but it’s an ideal small group activity because hunting is limited to only a few people per group. Pair hunting with another activity to give staff a second choice if they’re not into going on the hunt or not able to get a spot. The hunting season only runs from late summer to the late fall in Greenland and spaces are limited, so booking several months in advance is essential for the team to get a place.

Boot Camp

For the intrepid employees who want a real challenge, there are military-style boot camps that offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see whether they would have gotten through basic training. Make no mistake, boot camp is no summer camp with lazy days and cozy evenings in front of the fire. Certainly, for younger staff who feel they have the right stuff, they will be challenged in new and interesting ways. For a team that agrees to participate, there are often group activities that help bond people together.

There are different types of >boot camp experiences. Some are for fitness development, others for team building, and a few even have shooting training to try your hand against a paper target to hone your skills. There are boot camps modeled on the US Marine Corps, the Navy SEALS, and other branches with former operators who run the camps for the ultimate in realism.

As a leader of an SME, you can choose what shared activities will suit your small group. You need to get buy-in by enough employees to get everyone enthusiastic and feeling involved in the process. A voting system with a multiple-choice list of activities is probably the best way to achieve that.