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How to Log onto ASM Connects for Job Information

ASM Connects is an internal communication website and team workspace for Advantage Sales & Marketing associates. Current ASM employees can search for job opportunities within corporate headquarters, marketing services and management and exempt positions. More job-related information is also available to gain from this online system. Access to this system requires an ASM username and password. If you don't have this information, contact your Human Resources representative. For Canadian associates, contact your Markham IT support team for additional assistance, otherwise call ASM Support Center at 888-900-4ASM (4276). How to Log into ASM Connects

  • Visit asmconnects.com. Please be aware of the security risks and select a Security option carefully.

asmconnects.com Log onto ASM Connects Associate Portal asmconnects.com

  • Enter your username and password and select "Log On".
  • In case you forgot your username/password, hit the button "I forgot my Username/Password" and enter your username or email address, last 4 digits of SSN, and the home zip code to retrieve your username and reset your password. Your password should not be changed twice within 24 hours. Resetting your password will change your password for ASM Connects, JET, AS Connects, Outlook Web Address, ASM Computer Login, enCompass, Helpdesk Website, VPN Client, Genweb, Concur, Workscape, Virtual Edge and Wage Works.

[captasmconnects.com Log onto ASM Connects Associate Portal asmconnects.com[/caption]

  • For associates with an asmnet.com email address, web-based email is another option for internal communication.

[caption id="attachment_7203" align="alignnone" width="497"]asmconnects.com Log onto ASM Connects Associate Portal asmconnects.com[/caption] Reference Links

  1. ASM Associate Login Website - asmnet.com/Pages/Associate-Login.aspx
  2. ASM Locations & Contacts - asmnet.com/who-we-are/locations-contact-us

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